Garage Door Cable Repair: 4 Signs It’s Time to Get One

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Garage Door Repair Anaheim

Homeowners have a list of maintenance responsibilities to ensure everything goes well at home. One of the routine jobs to add to the schedule is keeping the garage door working correctly. Doing this ensures safety for yourself, your family, your car, and the property.

If you want to check if your garage doors are working right, you should first inspect the garage door cables. Here are the signs that the garage door cables need repair or replacement.

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are the main moving parts of the door. The cable system, made of steel, serves as the pivot and moves the massive garage door. The cables run between the opener’s gearbox and the trolley. The end of the cables that connect to the opener is called the trolley.

The cables are used to pull and lift the door. These are made using highly durable materials that can withstand the weight of the door and the pressure needed to lift the door. However, over time, garage door cables wear out from regular use. If the cables are not replaced, it will lead to malfunctions or accidents.

Check your garage door cables for the following signs to avoid problems:

1. Irregular Movement of Garage Doors

One sign you should keep an eye out for is garage doors that move irregularly. The garage doors should move smoothly up and down. If the door is moving up unevenly, there is a problem with the cables. Check for tracking issues or if the door is hitting the frame. If the door hits the frame, you need to reposition it.

2. Falling Cables

If the cables are not properly fastened in place, they may come loose. When this happens, the cables may drop and hit the garage door. The cables may also fall onto the car parked in the garage. This is an accident waiting to happen. In some cases, the cables might hit people passing by.

Check the cables regularly and replace them if they are worn out. A garage door cable that is frayed or has a damaged sheath should be replaced as soon as possible. Do not wait for the cable to snap.

3. Loud Banging Noise

When the garage door cables are not properly secured or installed, they may come loose and cause a loud banging sound. If you hear this sound, check the cables to see if they are properly installed. In some cases, the sounds just mean that the cables may need to be lubricated.

When there is a banging sound or the door stops moving, turn off the garage door opener and contact an expert to fix the problem.

4. Larger Gaps in Garage Doors

Another sign to check for is a larger gap between the door, frame, or walls. If the gap is more significant than it should be, the cables may not be holding the door properly, which may lead to further problems with the springs and the motor. As a result, you should repair the cables right away to avoid accidents.

Final Thoughts

Garage door cables need regular maintenance for you to enjoy peace of mind and safety. To avoid accidents and unnecessary damage to your garage door, you must check the cables and replace them if they are worn out.

For garage door cable repair, feel free to contact us at Garage Door Repair Anaheim. Our technicians will fix cables gone bad and keep your garage door working right. Give us a call today to book a repair schedule.

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