Garage tips: ‘Tis the season’ for cleaning out your garage for Christmas

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Garage Door Repair Anaheim

garage door repair anaheimGarage tips: ‘Tis the season’ for cleaning out your garage for Christmas

Christmas is coming around the corner and you know what that means, it’s time to dig out those boxes of holiday decorations. This is something most households must do so why not make the most out of it? After unpacking the boxes and setting up the Christmas decorations you might as well hit two birds with one stone and organize the garage. Even though garages come in many sizes you have to plan ahead on what is the ideal method for you to re-organize your garage.

The best approach is to take a look at how many large items are being stored there and how much extra space you are left with. It’s also a good idea to sweep up after cleaning out the garage before re-arranging it. Then once all is clean ask yourself if it’s better to stack boxes or not?

Determine How Much You Are Looking To Store:
Here is a list of what kind of boxes you should use depending upon the size of your garage. This concept may be different for every garage since some have shelves or large equipment such as a garage gym or a parked car.

6 x 6 Garage

– Christmas ornaments
– Christmas tree (non organic)
– Fishing Poles
– Bench-press or workout equipment
– Industrial fan
– Boxes (stackable)

7 x 12 Garage

• Large boxes or storage bins
• Car accessories
• Industrial tool chest
• Camping gear
• Motorcycle
• Tool sets

9 x 12 Garage

• Gardening equipment
• Unused shelves or tables
• Large bins of old video games or board games
• wheelbarrow and gardening tools
• Large bags of soil
• Garden Chairs
• Lawn Blower

10 x 15 Garage
• Garage Bar set
• Wooden tables
• The untouched collectors sports car
• Snowboards
• Outdoor patio umbrella
• Outdated home entertainment system
• ATV’s

Most home garages have garage doors to ensure that all their property within the garage is safe, so why not get the best?
This is why most households feel the need to invest in various garage doors because besides having peace of mind, they can easily access their unused property with just the click of a button.

Last but not least it is very important that you label any hazardous boxes, buckets, or materials before and after your garage winter cleaning. This will ensure that children or anyone else will be aware of such dangerous chemicals or materials. These types of materials should be kept in a specific part of the garage and sealed properly. Any type of explosive gases or inhalants should be taken with serious concern. Same goes with any type of dangerous tools.

Remember, safety first!

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