5 Great Tips to Properly Taking Care of Your Garage Door

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Garage Door Repair Anaheim

Ensuring that your garage door is in good working order is something every homeowner should prioritize. Standard garage door maintenance tasks include keeping your hinges and rollers well lubricated and replacing springs as they wear out. 

Improper garage door maintenance can result in significant injury or even worse. While it’s vital to call in experts, you should know when to repair your door by yourself.This is handy in cases when a spring snaps or a door pinch protection sensor goes off or other issues.

Here are five ways to properly take care of your garage door:

1. Maintain Your Springs

When used and cared for properly, you should replace garage door springs before the garage door itself. Furthermore, you should inspect garage door springs every year. 

Springs are one of the most common garage door parts to wear out. They have to endure heavy loads and often support the door to the weight limit of the spring.

Keep in mind that your garage door’s springs are under a lot of tension. When working with them, you should wear protective gloves and shoes. In the event of a broken spring, always cut the power from the door opener.

2. Inspect the Tracks

A garage door often weighs over 200 pounds and can exert forces of over 500 pounds when it is opening. Therefore, a worn track or malfunctioning roller can cause the door to bend, scratch, or even collapse. 

Any damage to the tracks, whether caused by a car, misalignment, or insects, should be fixed immediately.

Remember that a track is not a bearing system; it is a guide rail for the door to travel. If it is worn, the door will sag between its two tracks. Inspect the tracks from time to time and replace them when needed.

3. Clean Your Door

The state of your garage door is essential to ensure a smooth operation. As a result, you must clean your door regularly to remove stains, filth, and corrosion. 

Over time, rusting garage door panels will need to be replaced. After being treated, the door will function smoothly and will not cause harm to anyone or damage to the house if you utilize this system.

4. Check the Rollers

Good rollers are a big part of a well-functioning garage door. Roller problems are often overlooked and cause a door that is difficult to open, or that feels loose or makes too much noise. 

That is because the rollers support the door’s weight, and their condition affects the whole door’s performance. When rollers are worn, they will need to be replaced.

Be aware that you can avoid rollers wearing out. Garage doors are not supposed to be opened or closed under pressure. Doing so can damage the rollers on the door.

5. Lubricate Your Door

Lubricating your garage door helps with its opening and closing and ensures it is well protected. That way, you can open and close the door without hearing the eerie noise it makes due to rust.

It is vital to keep your door lubricated and clean, as doing so will optimize the door’s function and help it to last longer. It’s also essential to remember that the door can freeze in extreme temperatures and will need to be lubricated to keep it in good condition.


Garage door maintenance is necessary to ensure that your door lasts longer and performs better. By doing so, you get to save time and money over repairs and replacements. 

While regular maintenance is time-consuming, it can pay off in the long run. Investing a little effort and elbow grease in garage door maintenance is always better than replacing a broken garage door.

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